Hey yall! Im Laney, a 30 year old artist who currently lives in Middle Georgia with my husband, Bennett and our dog, 3 cats and foster son. I have way too many hobbies and interests, and I needed a place to keep it all together! I have an intense passion for creating and all things artistic so chances are, if you can create something with it, I am going to try.

I went to college for art (and to play soccer!) but I did not end up getting my degree and I have just been trying to figure it out ever since. I have always known I wanted to do something creative for a living and I figured freelancing would be the way to go. That way I can offer the services I want to and work on the projects that I feel will make me happiest.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you are able to get your artistic fix here. Or are just able to get a sneak peek into my life. Your support will always mean so much to me.